• Is your tailoring platform SEO friendly?

    The tailoring platform is simplified with enriched features to benefit a wide range of customers. Also, the provision to integrate your platform with blog is supplied. Hence, the tailor platform is highly SEO friendly.

  • Is 3D Visualization feature enabled in the tailoring software?

    That’s the huge feature of tailoring software. The 3D visualization software helps your users enjoy a real-time experience of their designed end-product before purchasing.

  • Do you provide CMS options along with the tailoring software?

    Content Management System is one of the key administrator features present in the tailoring software.

  • Can I expect the features to be similar to that of an e-commerce platform?

    The tailoring software offers more user-centric and business-driven features than an e-commerce platform

  • Is the ‘Add-to-cart’ feature available in your tailoring software?

    Yes. ‘Add-to-cart’ feature is a basic feature and it is available in the tailoring software.

  • What’s the estimated ROI of this model?

    Customers don’t mind paying extra to any of their requested personalized attires. Hence, the expected return of investment would be 200%.

  • What are the business prospects of this online model?
    1. Enlarged client base.
    2. Exponential revenue generation.
    3. Global business.
    4. Ability to build your tailoring ecosystem.
  • What’s the procedure involved while converting my retail outlet to an online store?

    The process involved in converting your retail outlet to an online store is pretty easy, and is listed below

    1. Submit your online tailoring software requirements.
    2. The prototype model of your desired tailoring platform will be designed by our team.
    3. You’ll be asked to purchase a domain.
    4. If you’re an amateur in the technical domain, we’ll get it done for your business.
    5. Once the corresponding domain is bought, your online tailoring platform is designed and developed
    6. The completion of development proceeds the process to the testing phase.
    7. After rigorous testing, when your platform conforms to the standards and your requirements, your site will go live to the global audience.
    8. Hence, kindly mention your geographic scope in the requirements section.

    NOTE: Your targeted geographic radar is important.

  • On what platform is the software built?

    The online tailoring platform is built with the support of the following software. HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Node JS, Express JS, Spring, PHP, Meanstack, Laravel, Codeigniter, Unity 3D, Maya, MongoDB, MySQL

  • Will my customer be able to design on his/her own?

    The online tailoring software offered by fit4bond guides your users step-by-step in every process of design. Hence, no technical knowledge is required

  • Will you support us in marketing our brand?

    Fit4bond has its exclusive digital marketing team to promote and build the reputation for your brand

  • How long will be the process of deployment?

    The fastest deployment has taken place in just a week. However, based on the additional features requested by our clients, the time duration to complete the project is subjected to vary

  • Can I have a demo of the process involved?

    Sure. For our clients to analyse and understand the process involved, we provide free demonstration

  • In the event of any issue, can I expect your team to assist us?

    Definitely. Our team would love to help you out in the event of any issue

  • Can the website be translated to multiple languages?

    Sure. The website is globally accessible, and hence it supports multiple languages

  • Is the software updated with current fashion trends?

    Of course. Based on the prevalent millennial trends, the software is updated with all the current fashion models

  • Will you integrate the payment gateway into my online tailoring platform?

    Yes. Your desired payment gateway can be integrated into your online tailoring platform

  • What’s the estimated pricing to deploy an online tailoring store?

    The pricing to deploy an online tailoring store entirely depends on the requirements and services requested by the client.

  • What type of garments can be designed in tailoring software?

    The following list of garments can be designed in your tailoring software.

    1. Shirt Customization Software
    2. Suit Customization Software
    3. Men Kurta Customization Software
    4. Men Tuxedo Customization Software
    5. Blazer Customization Software
    6. Jacket Customization Software
    7. Thobe Customization Software
    8. Abaya Customization Software
    9. Men Sherwani Customization Software
    10. Pant Customization Software
    11. Hoodie Design Software
    12. Sportswear Design Software
    13. Kurti Design Software
    14. T-Shirt Design Software


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