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Tuxedo Customization Software - a Key Software to Level up your Tuxedo Tailoring Business

Tuxedo Customization Software - a Key Software to Level up your Tuxedo Tailoring Business

There is a lot of business that are worth earning money and profit. But if you are having a plan to start a very first business, then it is better to try out the business that is mostly expected by the people regularly.

Particularly, this business is all about tailoring and clothing, and more especially tuxedo customization will fall into this category. Hence being a young entrepreneur, looking for a business to start, then the best option would be a Tuxedo Tailoring Business with the help of Tuxedo customization Software. Not only for the tailors and designers, but this Tuxedo Design Software also helps the Tuxedo rental Business Persons effectively.

Why Particularly Tuxedo?

As we all know tuxedo - a semi-formal attire of men. Due to its elegant look and comfortableness, it is widely preferred in most of the events like weddings, parties, and also in a corporate event.

Hence the demand for tuxedo among men keeps on increasing day by day. As a result, the online tailoring stores are also trying to catch up with the eyes of men who don’t want to do shopping in brick and mortar stores.

Okay before knowing about how to start a Tuxedo business using Tuxedo Customization Software. Let us look into what is about tuxedo because there always lies a small confusion between tuxedo and suits.

What is Tuxedo?

As I said earlier tuxedos are a semi-formal garment, featured with peak lapels while suits are designed in the compatible fabric throughout the jacket.

Difference Between a Tuxedo and a Suit

The primary difference between both tuxedo and suit is Stain.

Generally, tuxedo will have a stain facing on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim, and a satin side stripe down the leg of the trousers. Whereas the suits don’t include any satin and usually have either plastic buttons or the same fabric-based buttons as the coat.
One can wear a suit and go anywhere, and nobody will think it a strange one. But tuxedo is out of that case, it is completely a special occasion wearing.

Is tuxedo Business Profitable?

For sure, the tuxedo tailoring and rental business will continue to blossom as people and organizations tend to organize weddings, corporate events, and parties. 

It is completely a profitable business than comparing with any other tailoring and clothing business. All you need to integrate Tuxedo Customization Software into your online tailoring store or websites.

What is Tuxedo Customization Software?

Tuxedo Customization software is the cutting edge technology, that delivers your customers a satisfying experience of sporting a well-finished tuxedo.

Nowadays online business has been growing so quickly then bricks and mortar stores. Definitely you will be known these things, isn't it? Earlier the tuxedo ordering process will not be that much simpler but now is easily possible through online shopping. All you need to do is get integrate Tuxedo Customization Software. 

Tuxedo Customization Software -How it works?

The Tuxedo Customization Software will let your customers, go online and enter some basic information about their height, weight, and provide various other customization options like fit, fabric, lining, buttoning, lapels, pockets, vents, jacket details, trouser style, and waistcoat. 

Then this software will let your customers take body measurements using 3d scanning.

Fabric Selection

First of all to design a suit one should select the types of fabric like wool, cotton, polyester, velvet, linen, and flanell. In this Suit Design Software, the Suit Fabric selection will include a handful of categories like

  • Material Selection

  • Color of fabric

  • Pattern Selection(solid color, striped, Glencheck, checkered, and so on)

Selection of Fit

Slim fit

It is tighter fitting especially over the shoulders and chest, the trouser legs will be narrow.


It is Not tighter-fitting when compared with a slim fit, and the trouser legs will be a little bit wider.

Lining Material

Your Customers will be provided with two options like either lining material will be selected by tailor according to material matching or customers can select their own choice.

Lapel Selection

Here your customer needs to select lapel types, lapel width, buttonholes, and distinct stitching

  • Lapel type will be a peaked, shawl, and noticed.

  • Lapel width customization includes narrow, normal, and wide.

  • Buttonholes will be no lapel buttonhole, one lapel buttonhole, and two lapel buttonhole.

Button & Pocket Selection

Button type and pocket selection will provide a strong appearance in today’s business casual looks. Subsequently, this product lets your client select different sorts of catch and pockets as per their desire.

Jacket Design

This software lets your customers personalize their suits with a monogram, Working cuff, Elbow patches, shiny buttons, and floating canvas.

Trousers Style

The software enables your customers to select trouser material as same as the jacket as well as provide various materials to select.

Then the Styles will be pressed, pleats, belt loops, and Brace buttons. Subsequently, this product lets your client select different sorts of catch and pockets as per their desire.

What your Customers will do in Tuxedo Customization Software?

Sign In / Signup

Your customer is instructed to start signing up through either Gmail or Social media accounts.

Customization Options

After that, Your customers will select fabrics, colors, patterns, and prices. Customers will be getting dozens of different fabric, lining, buttoning, lapels, pockets, vents, jacket details, trouser style, and waistcoat. 

Preview Option

Once the customization is done. the software allows your customer to preview their designed final output in a 3D View.

Place an Order

Once your customer customized everything, they have to place an order. The preview of your order will show customized detail price and quantity.

Why fit4bond

Fit4bond - Custom Tailoring Software Development Company allows you to hook up your fabric collection and organize designed tuxedo for your online custom tailor store. Our online Tuxedo design software is designed to help you generate more views, fulfill customers' needs, close your deal faster, and sell service in smarter & unique ways.

we also having,

  • 10+ years of industry experience

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Our On-Demand Services

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