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Online Tailoring Eco-System - A Lucrative B2B Business Model For Business Entrepreneurs!

Online Tailoring Eco-System - A Lucrative B2B Business Model For Business Entrepreneurs!

Online Tailoring Ecosystem.

The tailoring industry is one of the few domains where acquiring 200% business profit is not burdensome. Though the initial COVID scare had a drastic impact on the decline of sales and trading of textile items, the frenzy of shopping has been found picking up of late, especially during the festive occasions of Christmas and New Year.

“Yet, tailoring organizations and fashion professionals have been on course to formulate and deliver better tailoring models that can combat such crises in the future, without compromising the livelihood of workers. “

This has led to the blueprint of an all-new online tailoring ecosystem that helps both the customers and tailoring enterprises meet their needs at any cost, with 100% employee retention. 

What is Online Tailoring Ecosystem?

The online tailoring ecosystem is a sophisticated online textile juncture where fashionistas, apparel manufacturers, tailoring organizations, and customers converge to fulfill their wants and expand their revenue. 

When the tailoring business minds club together and lay a convenient bespoke tailoring platform for consumers, the odds of success are huge. 

A local tailoring store in your city might only have limited inventory (or) fewer design models. It may not meet the latest demands of the millennial crowd.

Now, imagine the local store going online to partner with apparel suppliers and creative fashion professionals to better serve the people. 

It presents a new opportunity for tailoring stores to upgrade their business to unseen heights. Even if they don’t get to associate with fashion professionals, the inbuilt bespoke tailoring software system has a tailoring library with a vast collection of design models. 

Either way, it’s all about getting found on the global market and easing the lives of fashion lovers. 

Online Tailoring Ecosystem - Working Mechanism: 

There are three levels in an online tailoring ecosystem. 

  1. Super admin. 
  2. Tailoring agencies. 
  3. Customers. 

Super admin: 

Super administrator controls the entire tailoring ecosystem. The admin sends invitations and accepts listings from tailoring stores to list under their brand. The super admin takes his cut from every conversion. Advertisements can also be run on the platform. 

Tailoring agencies:

Retail tailoring stores can set up their online store and partner with the super administrators to reach out to a global audience. It widens their market presence and revenue generation. 


Customers can choose their desired online tailoring ecosystem and select their favorite tailoring agency and place orders. When the overall production and delivery experience meet the customers’ expectations, the corresponding ecosystem can maintain a higher retention ratio. 

Provisions in an Online Tailoring Ecosystem: 

1.Global Connect: 

The tailoring ecosystem can be administered by the super admin from anywhere. Also tailoring stores from any part of the world can partner with the corresponding ecosystem. 

2. Content Management System:

An exclusive content management system comes inbuilt for both the super admin and the sub-tailoring stores to better cater to the needs of their downline and other partnered organizations. Efficient and easy communication is achieved by managing content and pushing notifications instantly. 

3. Bespoke Tailoring Software: 

Users can place orders from the comfort of their couch by selecting their favorite designs and setting the apt measurements. The entire ecosystem is centered around the concept of attire customization, offering customers the freedom to sport costumes with their dream design. 

4. Multibranch Integration: 

A tailoring store partnered with an online tailoring ecosystem can also integrate its other local and overseas branches to get its entire team under one roof. 

5. 3D Visualization tools: 

The in-built bespoke tailoring software has 3D visualization tools for users to get a feel of reality beforehand. Along with measurement charts, it makes for a compelling platform.  

6. Fabric & Design Library: 

The platform is already loaded with fabric and design templates. However, both super admins and sub-tailoring can partner with fashion professionals to upgrade their libraries. 

7. Customer Analytic Tools: 

Tailoring stores can monitor and review the purchase records of customers using customer analytic tools. This helps them make better decisions on the platform to appeal to their existing customers. 

8. Payment Gateway Integration: 

Any payment gateway can be incorporated as per the users’ requirements. Global transactions can also be facilitated in cryptocurrency.  

Benefits of Super Admins: 

  • Can boost their business with one of a kind tailoring business model.
  • The more tailoring stores they partner with, the more revenue.
  • Can help even the minor local tailoring stores get the global spotlight.
  • Can generate additional revenue using targeted advertisements within the ecosystem. 

Benefits of Tailoring Agencies: 

  • Increased global reach. 
  • Increased revenue. 
  • International business helps in a quick profit. 
  • Will not lose customers at any crisis (or) during unforeseen events. 
  • Can widen their business with multi-branch integration. 
  • Can partner with other apparel manufacturers and double their business. 

Benefits of Customers: 

  • With custom design options, customers can purchase attires of their interest. 
  • They can choose their desired tailoring store. 
  • Home delivery option. 
  • Inclusion of 3D visualization tools and size charts for better fitting in the end product. 

Fit4bond introducing Online Tailoring Eco-System As Solution For Tailors

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