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What is 3D Blazer Customization Tool? How Does it Work?

What is 3D Blazer Customization Tool? How Does it Work?

A man with a perfect physique not only makes him look elegant but the outfit too he wears matters here. To every man or woman, there will be someone standing behind for the pride of the clothes they wear. Without any uncertainty, it could be obviously a tailor, fashion designer, or whatever the term you used to say. 

To help those tailors achieving their business goals, we fit4bond really excited about exposing the technology right in front of you. If you want your customer's outfit to be smarter then go with 3D Blazer Customization Tool. It is a Timeless, dependable, and effortlessly smart tool to design your customer's blazer.

This blog will provide you a complete guide on how the 3D blazer Customization tool Works. But before that why don’t we have a small gaze at what is the blazer!

What is Blazer?

over the centuries, the male outfit has changed to various varieties and forms. After so many bounces, it came to blazer at last. Fine, unlike any other men's outfit, a blazer has its own unique identity. Do you agree with this?

Yes, it was designed to be worn with no particular trousers. There are several kinds of blazers but, most known is a Double-breasted and a Single-breasted blazer.


A Single Breasted Blazer has 1, 2, or 3 buttons but the most common is 2 buttons. The lapel types are Notch, peak or shawl, here the most common is notch lapel


A Double-Breasted Blazer has 4,6 or 8 buttons, but the most common are 6 buttons.  The lapel types are peak or shawl, here the most common is peak lapel

With respect to trend, the nature of the garments has changed, and the blazer too found in various shapes and colors

The Blazers are typically unlined, unpadded, the lapels are edge-stitched. It will be very light and comfortable to wear over multiple clothes. 

What is 3D Blazer Customization Tool?

Are you looking for more customers to your store?

Being an expert in tailoring, but don't know how to improvise customers count.

”A simple way to improve your customer's count is just to let them count on you”.

Well, How to make them trust you, obviously with a satisfying service, Isn't it?

There is no doubt, you are providing a complete service to your customer, but with some outdated methodology.

So we Fit4bond is here to be a supporter of your tailoring business. 

We providing 3D Blazer Customization Tool, which allows your customers to customize their suits with flexibility. This tool lets tailors do their work smarter and powerful and also will increase your business revenue.

How does 3D Blazer Customization Tool Work?

Hereafter, You don't need to take anybody measurements, you don't need to roll up your brain in blazer customization.

Everything will be done by your customer, but they will be left one task for you to do. Obviously, you will know, yeah it is tailoring a suit.

This 3D Blazer Customization Tool provides various filter options like dozens of different fabrics, colors, and patterns like solids, stripes, plaid, houndstooth, and more.

Fabric selection

The color and fabric selection is the most essential thing in a blazer. The types of materials ranging from wool, linen, tweed, cotton, velvet, corduroy, polyester, seersucker, stretchy, and wool blends. Your customer needs to pick out their desired fabrics.

Design Customization

After that, your customer will do some design selections like lapel, buttons, threads color, and fitting. Everything they selected will be visualized in a real-time environment.

Easy Measurement

Without tailor and stepping into the shop, the user can take measurements with the help of their friend. The measurement can be taken either using a size chart or any tutorial video. 

Tailoring Garments

your customer's apparel will be tailor-made from scratch. Tailors like you will start working your user's clothing's, after receiving order and product information. 

What your customers will do in 3D Blazer Customization Tool?

Initially, they sign up using Gmail or any social media account. Next to that, as I conveyed earlier, they design their blazer sorting by Fabric, color, pattern, and price. The customization tool provides dozens of different fabrics, colors, and patterns like solids, stripes, plaid, houndstooth, and more. After that your customers can step into customizing button styles, lining material, pocket style, monogramming, stitching accents, and dozens more.

The Tool will provide an instant output whenever they select whatever input in customization. Once they have done everything they add to the cart then do payment.

This tool is completely easy to get into and design a blazer using customization options.

Features of our custom 3D Blazer Customization Tool 

  • Easy, quick and user-friendly

  • Responsive design layout 

  • Providing various customized features according to the business requirements. 

  • Easy sharing on social media

  • Multiple payment options & more…

Our Services are

Why Fit4bond?

Fit4bond is a leading custom Tailoring software Development Company for the entire Tailoring and clothing business. We fit4bond delivers user-friendly features, which helps your user to create unlimited outfit designs and visualize their product design in a 3D view. Many of the top business clothing brands have integrated our software and running their business successfully. 

Interested to know more about our unique features and how our custom Tailoring software works in real-time? 

Give a Ring to us and feel free to discuss your requirements, we are always ready to give you the best solutions. 

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