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Shirt Customization Software - An Advanced Tailoring Software Solution for Tailors

Shirt Customization Software - An Advanced Tailoring Software Solution for Tailors


There is nothing attractive than a stylish solid Casual shirt. Most of the men and youngsters will be looking for worry-free shirts. Also, there is no doubt that the shirt they wear will say so much about them. 

The most basic definition of Casual Shirt today is Button-up shirts. Business Casual Customized Shirts will provide tailors a great opportunity to enhance their business growth. There may be multiple and multiples of clothing business will be available to start. But this Custom tailored shirt business will matter a lot, and it could be known only to the tailors and designers of casual shirts.

Starting an online men’s and women’s casual shirt store is really an awesome and great entrepreneurial decision ever. Because people are in great demand for customized business shirts or casual shirts. This blog will let you know how to grow up your casual shirt business online with the help of what and how. Let’s get into the blog.

This blog will cover up these below-mentioned topics.

  1. How to enhance your shirt tailoring business?

  2. What is Shirt Customization Software?

  3. How does Shirt Customization Software Work

  4. What your Customers will do in Shirt Customization Software?

  5. Features of our Shirt Customization Software

How to enhance your shirt tailoring business

The first and foremost question is Are you doing Casual shirt customization business offline?

If yes, without thinking a lot, shift it to online mode.

If you are the designers and tailors who doing business online, yet not receiving any customers or could not increase your revenue growth. The best idea will be Shirt Customization Software.

We Fit4bond is here to be a supporter of your tailoring business. 

We providing 3D Shirt Customization Software, which allows your customers to customize their Shirts with flexibility. This Software lets tailors do their work smarter and powerful and also will increase your business revenue.

What is Shirt Customization Software?

Always, men will follow a strict regime of shirts for an elegant look. There are also both formal as well as non-formal shirts. But the current trend among the fashion industry is customizing the shirt online through Shirt Design Software.

Hence not only tailors and designers as well as business companies and Institutions looking for the best Shirt Customization Software to tailor the shirt according to their theme. 

Shirt Customization Software - How It Works

The Shirt customization Software powered by Fit4bond can be easily employed to customize the outlook of shirts. we always incorporate innovative ideas into an amazing technology to offer the best  Shirt Customization Software.

This Shirt Customization Software provides various options like Collar personalization, Button & Pocket Selection, Cuff Customization, Fit Style, and Pleat Style.

Type of shirt selection

Our Shirt Customization Software, let your customers select various types of shirt like Formal, Semi-formal, and Casual Shirt. 

Size Selection

Provided various sizes ranging from " S, M, L, XL" then With respect to their body size they can choose from it.

Collar personalization

You will be providing various color customization options which include Kent, Cutaway, Wide-cut, Long, Stand-up, Button, Rounded, and Pinned.

Button & Pocket Selection

Button type and pocket selection will provide a strong appearance in today’s business casual looks. Hence this software let your customer select various types of button and pockets according to their wish.

Cuff Customization

The different types of cuff styles include Single 1 Button, Rounded 2 button, Two Button cut, and Double Squared French.

Preview Option

The software allows your customer to preview their designed final output in a 3D View.

Place an Order

Once your customer customized everything, they have to place an order. The preview of your order will show customized detail price and quantity.

This Shirt design software also works imprint features like

  • Company logo,

  • Monogram,

  • Clip-art,

  • Text and a lot more.

What your Customers will do in Shirt Customization Software?

The first step is the Signing up process using Gmail or any social media account. Next to that, Your customers will select fabrics, colors, patterns, and prices. Customers will be getting dozens of different fabrics, colors, and patterns like solids, stripes, bottom styles, and more. After that your customers can step into customizing button styles, lining material, pocket style, monogramming, stitching accents, and dozens more.

This Online Shirt Customization Software will provide an instant output whenever they select whatever input in customization. Once they have done everything they add to the cart then do payment.

Our easy to use Shirt customization software lets your everyone to try out different design options.

Shirt Customization Software - Features

  • Easy, quick, and user-friendly

  • Responsive design layout 

  • Providing various customized features according to the business requirements. 

  • Easy sharing on social media

  • Multiple payment options & more…

Our Services are

Why Fit4bond

Fit4bond, the globally acclaimed Custom Tailoring Software Development Company, has been offering Tailoring Software solutions since 2011. We bridge the gap between tailoring enterprises and clients by providing global reach and fulfilling customer’s desires.

we also having,

10+ years of industry experience

 250+ Experts of technology

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1850+ worldwide clients 

Reach us to get additional tips on Generating ROI to your Tailoring Business!


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