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Men Kurta Customization Software For Fashion Designers To Customize Elegant & Stylish Kurta's

Men Kurta Customization Software For Fashion Designers To Customize Elegant & Stylish Kurta's

So you decided to start your Clothing and Tailoring Business online? Then the journey is undoubtedly going to be exciting and challenging with cent percent success for sure, but fashion designers and tailors like you need to stick up with on-trend technology and software properly to overcome all the struggles that try to stop your business sale. Do you get my point?

Well, an online tailoring business the best idea to start. There are various clothing tailoring with customization which includes Suit, Shirt, Blazer, Jacket, and so on. But these are the western category of apparel while coming to traditional wears, we can easily count the number of online tailor stores who providing customized apparel will be apparently less I could say. Especially, men traditional wear like Kurta and Sherwani is in high peak nowadays.

It's better to start those Sherwani Customization and Kurta Customization stores online with Custom Tailoring Software. Yes, hurry up to start your Kurta Tailoring Business using the emerging Kurta Customization Software.

Kurta Customization Software

Kurta Customization Software is an Online Tailoring Software that can be integrated with your existing tailoring website with avant-garde features and functionality that helps your users to create and customize their Kurta designs and can visualize their product in a 3D view.

Enable your customers online Kurta Shopping easier with this Kurta Customization Software. The software will let your Customers design various types of kurta like

  • Wedding Kurta

  • Fancy kurta

  • Cotton Kurta

  • Pathani Kurta

  • Printed Kurta

  • Bandhgala Kurta

  • High- low Blue Kurta and so on

Kurta Customization Software - How It Works

Our Kurta Customization Software surely will let your customers, go online and give some basic information about their height, weight and provide various customization options like body fit, sleeve, collar, Shoulder Epaulette, packet, and so on.

Then this software will let your customers take body measurements using 3d scanning.

Fabric Selection

Initially, customers need to select the fabric types which include Silk, Cotton, and Wool.  In this Pant Design Software, the Pant Fabric selection will include a handful of categories like

  • Material Selection

  • Color of fabric

Color Selection

Multiple Color options with respect to every particular type of Sherwani.

Body Fit

Normally, fit selection will be Comfort and slim.

Shoulder Epaulette

This software also lets your customers customize their Shoulder Epaulette customization like with or without Shoulder Epaulette

Button & Pocket Selection

Button type and Pocket selection will provide a strong appearance in today’s Kurta's looks. Subsequently, this software lets your client select different sorts of pockets like with pocket, without pocket, V-front pocket,or Square front pocket as per their desire.

Bottom Cut Selection

Your Customers will be provided with two options like either Straight cut or Round Cut.

Preview Option

Once the customization is done. the software allows your customer to preview their designed final output in a 3D View.

Place an Order

Once your customer customized everything, they have to place an order. The preview of your order will show customized detail price and quantity.

What your Customers will do with Kurta Customization Software

Step 1 - Signing up process using Gmail or any social media account.

Step 2 - Selection of select fabrics, colors, patterns, and prices.

Step 3 - a selection of different sorts of customization like Shoulder Epaulette, Button and pocket, and so on

Step 4 - Selection of Bottom Cut Selection

Step 5 - Size Selection

Step 6 - Can Preview the Kurta apparel output

Step 7 - Place an Order

The Special Features of Kurta Customization Software

  • Easy, quick, and user-friendly

  • Responsive design layout

  • Providing various customized features according to the business requirements.

  • Custom price Setting

  • Upload and Enable Water Mark

  • Resolution warning

  • Undo/Redo Design

  • Zoom in/ Zoom Out

  • Share, Save, and Print design.

  • E-Mail/ Message Support

Why Fit4bond

We Fit4bond - The exceptionally acknowledged Custom Tailoring Software Development Company, gladly giving Avant-garde various Tailoring software, since 2015. We have been giving rise to startups, services, and enterprises and turning each business into a profitable solution through our robust features and functionalities. 

Our On-Demand Services

Get the best Kurta Customization Software and Support from fit4bond that you have always wanted

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