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Virtual Reality App For Shopping Mall

Virtual Reality App For Shopping Mall

In the current era, Virtual Reality app could be a perfect fit for show rooms & shopping mall.

As every business entrepreneurs knows, Online shopping is on the rise. Most of customers, shopping their apparel clothes in E-commerce shopping mall based website before visiting directly to physical shopping mall.Even though, while they shop in online, they will miss the experience of going into the store and picking up the items. By providing Virtual reality app to the customers, it makes customers to give convenience of online shopping and the experience of being in the clothing store.

But not only for clothing store, other than like accessories stores, foot wear shop, Food court and even many more., all the mall based store owners can integrate virtual reality app. 

Virtual reality app - Is one of the recent hot trending technology to be integrated in all over shopping mall.

You may ask now, “Why to convert physical showroom into virtual show room?”

* VR shopping app is an collection of gathering relatable information content of an item in E-commerce store. Therefore,it is a new unique way to live your store and therefore customers will get interact and get engage virtually.

* Customers can easily view their store products in 360degree view Via VR shopping app.

* VR app it provides a solution where customers can get interaction with store owners in chat form.

* Thus, the customers feels realistic inside the virtual store to pick up their products just like in real store.

Benefits of VR app : 

1.Overcome the market with immersive experience.

2.Virtual reality app can create more rich and most importantly it creates a memorable customer experiences. 

3.By using VR app, it makes more branding awareness. Customers will start talking about you and share their experience in social media. 

4.It gives customer a new reason to visit the store again. 

5.360 Degree product view - Customer can try their product in Virtual fitting room before adding to the cart rather than waiting to receive their product. It allows them to see in all possible angles.

6.Clear virtual store and layout.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, By integrating Virtual reality app must be worth a million. It is easier to demonstrate a product’s worth by showing out virtually rather than looking into image.  

Instantly do you want to integrate Virtual reality app on your show room? 

Fit4bond provides the advanced Virtual reality app for all kind of showrooms & shopping mall. We offer unique features like multiple template options according to your business needs, Online body measurement size, D virtual fitting room, 3D body scanner, 360 degree product view with complete e-commerce solutions. 

Out entire team will guide you completely to launch your own online shopping mall site to get success in E-commerce world. 

Do you want to know how our Advanced VR app works in showrooms & shopping Mall? Take a free demo!

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