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Thobe Design Software & Customization Tool

Thobe Design Software & Customization Tool

Recently in Arabian countries, Thobe (the traditional wear of Men) is emerging into trend. Earlier, every men in Arab Peninsula used to wear this kind of dress. Then slowly this wear was not seen much. Do you know what this emerging thobe means and who wears it? In this blog, Let me explain you what a thobe is.

What is thobe ?

Thobe or Thawb Or Thaub is an ankle length, long-sleeved, gown-like garment worn by Men in Arab Peninsula.

Where is it famous?

This type of dress is a traditional wear for Muslims, worn by men in Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, neighbouring Arab countries and some countries in East and West Africa.

What is the material used?

Normally, a thobe is made of cotton. But heavier material such as sheep’s wool is also used to make a thobe in countries like Iraq and Syria, for colder climates. Though the world is modernized, thobe has never changed at most of the places. Men still wears it as their traditional wear. The sleeves and collar can be stiffened to give more formal appearance.

Want to buy a Thobe?

Looking to buy Islamic traditional wear for Men, thobe? We design bespoke thobe, just say us what you need. With out customized online stitching services, you can personalize your design with bespoke sleeves, necklines, collars, button, etc.

Why online tailoring?

Internet and technology are transforming almost in every aspects of our life. We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain. Every business make themself available online. Similarly, now online tailoring service is also available at your fingertip.

It’s quite challenging to capture customers attention in this online world. Now a days people wish to be unique in everything. Every individual enjoys the feel of owning something which no-one else has. Now-a-days people wish to customize their own dress with their own design, material, favourite colour and so on. Most people do not get satisfied with the dresses in the shop. Either they like the colour and hate the design or like the cloth material but not satisfied with the size. This issue can be solved with our customize online stitching services.

Want an online thobe design software tool for your business need ?

Fit4bond take a pride to provide online tailoring software tool for tailoring/clothing products which was emerged after immense of analysis/development. We have produced high-end web based solutions to various designers/ garment producer around the world. We provide wide range of designing tool in which, bespoke thobe design tool is a tool to enhance your business online.


We have a Customization Module for your ready reference, if you are not satisfied with it, then you can Design on your own. Our Online Thobe Design Tool with customization feature has enhanced our customers and also certain that it would attract even more clients in the days to come.

* We develop fully customized and bespoke Thobe designer tool solution as per business needs.

* We offer complete tailoring e-commerce store front integrated with Thobe designer tool.

* We are updated with Designer tool built on Javascript/HTML5 that runs on all devices and platforms

* Wide range of style and fabric.

* Avail lifetime licence and get No revenue sharing, no commission-Available.

* Detailed user manual and training videos for detailed reference


* Our bespoke thobe design software allows user to personalize your Thobe with unique style, colour and fabrics.


* Our service Work flawless on all standard Screen size

* Mobile or tablet, Consistent user experience across all devices


* Localize in any language and currency

* We Support multi-store, multi-language


Can look at thobe from top to bottom like:

* Front view

* Back view

* Left view

* Right view


* Multiple style options are available (collar style, cuffs, sleeves, pocket, etc)


* Each style has multiple option to select.

* Collar Style has normal collar, cross collar, no collar,etc.

* Cuff styles has straight cuff, rounded cuff, classic cuff and two-button cut.

* Sleeves style include full sleeve, half sleeve, long sleeve and short sleeve

* Pocket style includes square pocket, cross pocket or no pocket.    


* Zoom In/Zoom Out, to get a better view of thobe.


* Select fabric, style colour and body measurement, have a preview of thobe, check the selected attributes of style, price and Quantity to order.


* If not satisfied with the fabric, Add/Delete/Edit Fabric.

* Fabric Inventory management.


Custom size input. Say your measurement for perfect fit.

“ A man in a well tailored suit will always shine brighter than a guy in an off-the-rack suit ”

We offer bespoke online service Bespoke thobe design software. Just let us know what you need.

Get a custom thobe design software demo

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