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Optimize your Tailoring Business With An E-Tailoring Software?

Optimize your Tailoring Business With An E-Tailoring Software?

For any small business with a significant online presence, there is a vast potential for growth within the digital space. In where, e-commerce businesses really creating hope success in online. Fashion industry also wiping out tradional business model to bring them worth. Fashion lovers are also increasing in this modern globe.

In 2016 – 2017, latest survilance dictated that tailoring business & fashion business faced frustration on their old cataloging and appointment booking online websites. So service provider creating applications that bring their website with successful marketing on ecommerce platform by using their advanced technology wisdom. 

So modern tailors & fashion designers are very much keen to start their business with online tailoring business in an E-commerce platform. Basically creating the ecommerce website for online tailoring business, it costs more. 

Since then, E-tailoring software got released over the months ago. 

It creates wealthier rapport while doing the tailoring business in ecommerce website with various customer grapping applications. It makes you to do the business really worthy. It satisfies the every tailoring business people & fashion customers too. 

E-tailoring software provides your online tailoring business will be a sophisticated platform for business people to increase sales, streamlining your business and expanding to new channels.

What Features of E- Tailoring Business Software Bring Your Tailoring Business Optimization ?

E-Tailoring Software is simply best platform for smart modern custom tailors & bespoke tailors. It is easy to lead online sales, user friendly to operate and powerful in performance.  It covers all activities and transactions of tailoring business and gives you desired information quickly.

The features are :

Create your Own Clothing Store :

With this E-tailoring software,one can build their E-tailoring store. Customers can find their unique apparels with easy customization at the E-tailoring store.E-tailoring store is grabbing many customers attention in today's fashionabile world.

Record Body Measurement :

E-Tailoring Software has a special feature like online body measurement tool.With this tool client can order their apparels without visting tailor's shop for giving measurements. Once the measurement is provided ,it will be recorded and can be used in the future.If tailors use this tool their burdern will be reduced to half.

Design your Apparels :

If tailors integrate this custom clothing designing software in their website,people can design their apparels and they can customize their apparels according to their requirements.

3D Visualization & Showcase Your Apparels: 

Designed apparels will be showcased in a 360 degree rotational manner.So that user can get the perfect view on the apparel with the 3D visualization tool.Showcasing your designed apparels matters lot than designing the apparel. Show your designed apparel in a 360 degree rotational view so that customers can visualize it better and conversation rate increases if users see their designed apparels with high resolution.

Virtual Fitting Room With Mix And Match Technologies :

Using Mix and match with virtual fitting room feature which makes the end user can try out their apparels by an avatar. This avatar resembles like the end user by the same body measurement records.User can also change the colour of the apparels,type of fabric even at the end to see whether it suits or not. Every thing can be customized at the layer of mix and match technologies to make user feel more satisfied.

About Fit4bond : 

We provide E-tailoring business software service in the form of wordpress plugins, extension for Magento for tailors who are having their existing websites in worpress & magento platform.We also extend our service in shopify.com for easy shopping.Fit4bond provides 100% tailoring solution for tailors to develop their business by providing its trustworthy E-tailoring software.

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