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Online Custom Tailoring Software built on 360 Degree Display Tool 

Online Custom Tailoring Software built on 360 Degree Display Tool 

New generation custom tailors moved their business from offline tailoring into online tailoring business. Why ?

Because when they comes to online tailoring business, they can able to showcase their business working samples to the world people easily. They can outreach different people globally. They can develop their business. This is what all custom tailors are aiming to develop their online tailoring business by engaging more customers.

What online custom tailoring business really ? Where your customers are there ?

All because, your customers are standing in online always. And more over, people are mostly like to spend their free time on online shopping. Customers fell in a comfort zone while doing purchase in online. So your customer base staying in online.

What customers really want from online tailoring business, when they enters into tailoring store, still like to order their unique & perfect made to measure wearable or customized wearable through online. Online is good business development medium. E-commerce application with website will be the best suited platform to develop your custom tailoring business. Because e-commerce store even converts lazy buyers.

Online custom tailoring business that allows the users to select their likable fabric from the fabric list, design their own custom shirt or their personalized any kind of wearable and make them to order though online itself without visiting a tailor shop. Creating an online custom tailoring business store easy with custom tailoring software. Fit4bond team will be your best partner to create an online custom tailoring business store.

How to get an unique selling point to your tailoring store ?

360 degree rotational digital showcase will be the best & unique selling point for tailoring business store. While launching the ecommerce solution for tailoring business store is not enough, users engagement and selling point is needed more than that anything.

In tailoring business, showcase or presentation is top most necessary one to engage the audience. High quality & high engagable showcasing area is making the business store will be an unique selling point.

What is 360 Degree rotational digital showcase ?



A three dimensional view continually rotates around an imagined line referred to as a rotation axis. It accomplishes buyers attention and they get immersing feel into it. Most of the business store having 2D captured image like front and back showcase. That wont be big deal to grab customer base.

The end user will have the perception of their own customized cloths not just the front perspective they can capable perceive how the fabric has connected on their chosen fabric and you can pivot to see the custom works.

It allows customer to view their cloths in zoom option and provide best online product presentation for customer. Easy for the user to grasp and Enjoyable for the user to use and explore. People can see the every single corner,cut and strings collar, sleeves, back, bottom,side in clean view.

Benefits of using 360 degree rotational showcase in online custom tailoring business:

1. Customer base invest more time in your business site and It will build more clients & will be an unique selling point as per said above.

2. Customer base really loves it and appreciate about your unique concepts of your business store.

3. Customer base acquires trust in your business and which enlarges your repetitive customers.

4. To ensure that the customer base will see the cloths from all horizontal angles and get immense feel.

5. To eliminate from your outdated business website.

Where to get 360 Degree rotational digital showcase ?

Since, Fit4bond have developed & actualized 360 degree rotation digital showcase room on your business store which makes your fabrics sees viably in online. In addition by utilizing this showcasing feature, you can discover the persistent flow of customer base on your tailoring business.










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