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Kurti Design Software & Customization Tool

Kurti Design Software & Customization Tool

The word “kurti” is something which is long, below the knee length loosely stitched. The kurti is worn in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and all over countries.

“It is typically a traditional attire for women ranging from normal wear to-parties”

Jus look back to 70’s or 80’s centuries, those days only popular people or famous artist used to wear kurtas.

But now, its became a normal trendy wear dress for every women.

Not just, young/middle aged-women, it has became a staple for all the females of all age groups. They feel very comfortable, versatile and elegant to wear.

Depends upon season times, they wear kurta according to that. As technology got changed in the digital world, Many kind of kurtas are available now, like

* A-line kurti, dhoti kurti

* Straight cut kurti

* Shirt style kurti

* Flared kurti

* Tail-long kurti and many more.

With varies kind of fabric clothes like silk, cotton, Georgette, velvet, soft silk etc..

As, many kind of kurtis models came, women wear depends upon season times.

For Example, During summer they prefer cotton kurtis or during winter they prefer thick fabric kurtas.

As many collections came, but still they are looking for new trendy models.

For fashion-ate entrepreneurs people, 

Do you want to know the reason, why?  

Many ready to wear, varieties are available now in every physical store, but still like mix-match colors, collar type, fabric cloth or loosely stitched or very long kurtis due to this they regret to buy.

So, instead of buying kurta design from physical store, they themselves customizing their own kurti design to the tailors.

As, they want to look perfect with simple kurta design for office wear or during picnics or anything.

For Example, Office wear women they like to prefer simple neat cotton kurta design with light fabric colors, shirt collar type or Chinese collar, full/short sleeves and also length of the kurti.

Even for kurti’s also demand got high, most of them started personalizing their own kurta’s to online tailors.

Now you would have got an idea why women started personalizing their kurti’s design ! 

Before launching your kurta design website, first analyse how to choose the best kurti design software & tool.

How to get this Custom Product Design software & Tool for kurti & Kurta

Though many of the tailoring business owners has starting online Kurti&kurta business. Many customizing software’s are available now today. But before you choose just analyze whether they provide with current attractive features or not. Because, day by day online kurta business is getting higher in the market. Make yourself to get into higher level. So, before buying it ask for a free demo and clarify all the doubts regarding on it.

Don’t get struggle for searching the best kurta design software!

Now you are at the right place to start your online kurti design tailoring business.

So, Instantly do you want to start your online kurti design tailoring business with advanced features?

Fit4bond is the award winning & leading custom tailoring software provider in India. We provides complete solution for your custom tailoring business depends on your needs.

Specially  our Kurti customizing software that change technology growth of custom tailors. Customer can design their Kurti and accessories by themselves instead of visiting tailors.

Tailoring business people can customize their own templates for collars,buttons,styles,fabric apparels according to their business needs. Fit4bond acts as a backbone for tailoring people who want to run their business successfully.

Our Highlight Solutions :

* Many of the successful business owners have integrated our kurta design software & tool with complete solutions.

* We provide complete e-commerce solutions for your online Kurti & kurta design business.

* We strengthen fully customized and bespoke Kurti & Kurta design software & tool as per your business needs.

* Our kurti design software & tool built on HTML/Javascript that runs on all devices and platforms.

* Pre-loaded Styles, fabrics before users adding to cart

* A complete detailed guide and training video will be provided to users.

Our kurta design software & tool features :

* Easy Mobile responsive layout

* Multiple languages

* 360degree preview ( Front view, Back view, Left view & Right view)

* Multiple style options - For collar style ( Normal collar, full necked collar, chinese collar etc.,)

* Sleeve style includes full-hand sleeve, short hand sleeve, sleeveless etc..

* Button styles

* Fabric Inventory Management

* Zoom In / Zoom Out

* Customized size/measurement

Integrate our kurti desginer sofware & tool with the help of Fit4bond team and get shiner in your online tailoring business.

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