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How to Transform Your Physical Tailoring Store to Online?

How to Transform Your Physical Tailoring Store to Online?

Hey you,

Yes! the Future true artisans of the suiting world. Good to hear, isn’t it!

How long you going to open up your Tailoring Shop Door with longing for the customers to come. Make a full stop to those anticipations. In this era, the fashion and the lifestyle of everyone are organically grown higher. So stay away from sticking to the traditional method of offline tailoring and take it to the next level of online business.

Do you have any idea about what Offline and Online Business is?

Those days in the past, buying ready-made apparel was so easy, but getting apparel according to our desire is intricate. Generally, when we select any attire, we used to see the color, size, design, and fabrics of that apparel. If in case we like the color of the fabric, it won't fit our size, and if both the color and size matches our requirements then, the fabrics will play a role here(i.e. it won't match). Above all, when we find apparel that fulfills all our requirements, the price will not match our budget.

Sounds ridiculous right?

obviously, this will be a drawback for both clothing and tailoring business. If you are highly capable of delivering the Suits to the accurate requirements of users, you will not be able to reach more users globally with this offline business. You will be known to the only particular radius of miles. This is totally unfair. 

This offline tailoring profession has appeared as buried, and now it is redefined with the advent of an online presence. 

The arrival of Online Tailoring Business:

Nothing is possible without an online presence. When comes to Online Tailoring with Customization, users will get a brilliant and classic outfit. 

Yeah, While offering customization with an easement of Online Tailoring Software it let your customer make it and shape it. This Custom Tailoring software will reduce the significant gap between the user and the shopper by providing the complete custom design process.

Here your users will be able to decide certain features like

1. How the suit jacket should look and feel.

2. Color and texture of interior apparel.

3. Lower / Raise collar.

4. Take in / Let outside seams 

5. Shorten sleeve from shoulder.

6. Pad shoulders.

7. Close vents.

8. Reduce chest.

9. Change / Remove Pockets.

10. Alter Lapels and much more.

Benefits Of Online Tailoring Software:

These are the benefits of Online Custom Tailoring Software

1. Unlocking opportunity for digital empowerment.

2. Earning a good brand name from new customers.

3. Drastically can able to see digital sales through the website and social media.

4. Business customers will be excited.

5. Creates the best impression

6. Business features will be extended according to 100+ user’s demands.

7. Reduces the traditional marketing cost 

8. Can able to do exact business – What is an exact business?

Stop Overthinking and Start your Online Tailoring Business: 

Fit4bond - We design and develop a stunning website to delight our customers

“We would prefer not to be an elitist brand, we need to offer something that everybody can have”

Fit4bond enables entrepreneurs and tailoring stores owners to start their custom cloth designing store online, which offers an easy to use tool to design shirt and suit. The tool guides the user step by step for designing their custom clothing on their own.

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