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How To Manage Your Tailoring Business in the Midst of COVID-19 Crisis

How To Manage Your Tailoring Business in the Midst of COVID-19 Crisis

Fit4bond was discovered on the belief that you don't need to spend a lot more time and effort on tailoring your customers' clothes. We create Custom Tailoring software as superior support to your tailoring store and we became the exclusive Custom Tailoring Software Development Company in the world also.

We are always glad to be a backbone and as well as a well-wisher to our clients. We have delivered multiple Online tailoring Softwares and Custom tailoring tools that let you magnify your customer's count and trust.

Our immersive software enables your customers to design and customize their apparel in an elegant and perfect fit.

The Pandemic impact on Various Business

As the world is fighting against the enormous growth of COVID-19 pandemic, without any doubt every entrepreneur is facing a tremendous downfall in their business.

But one or another way most of the companies are trying to generate revenues and profit, and also they are, looking ahead to the time when everything set ok to restart their business.

Issues that will be faced after lockdown

As the moment comes closer, after the reduced acceleration of virus spread, every online business will face these three major issues to regain their customers.

  1. Have to rebuild the trust among your customers

  2. Have to engage your customers

  3. Have to provide cent percent product output

Especially when it comes to physical tailoring, clothing, and apparel manufacturing business it becomes more difficult and it will make them feel like they were zone out.

So You Can overcome those conflicts just by integrating Online tailoring Software to your websites. This Software is not only to take a measurement this will actually let your customers design as they want to design their clothes.

Is a Coronavirus thread to Online Tailoring Industry

Obviously not, If you think coronavirus is a threat to the Online tailoring industry, then it is completely your madness.

Because, while every other business has been shut down due to lockdown, but still now online Custom Tailoring Industry is the only platform keeping themselves busy always.

Importantly, in an Online platform, there is always an opportunity to engage your customers with your brand and it will also help you to sustain in this market trend with the help of Bespoke Tailoring Software.

These Tailoring Software is one of the best tech-driven tools, that provide a stable solution to get the better of both short and long term challenges.

This Custom tailoring software lending its hand also to the apparel manufacturers to stay ahead in the retail industry as everyone is fond of online stores.

Why Online Custom Tailoring Software

Usually, customers step into the tailoring store to create Custom Suits, Shirts, Tuxedo, Balzers, Kurti, and so on. But how about delivering their desired outfit without even addressing your physical store.

Yeah, in today's trend every renowned tailor has their tailoring/clothing store with the integration of Apparel Design Software.

This Advanced tailoring tool is integrated with your business website

With that Software, Your Customers can select multiples and multiples of fabrics and endless customization options including

lapels, pockets, buttons, collar, cuffs, linings, and so on with 3D Visualization.

Once you design your customer’s clothing can ship directly to the doorstep of your customer directly within your stipulated time for great fits.

Foreground features of Custom Tailoring Software

  1. Responsive Tailoring Website Template

  2. Advance Admin Panel

  3. Multi-Language

  4. RTL Support

  5. Global Payment GAteway

  6. Tailors Management

  7. Shipment tracking

Advanced features of custom tailoring e-commerce software

  1. Amazing UI & UX interface to increase your business brand reputation

  2. Integrated pop-up styling options

  3. 3D view of Zoom in and zoom out clothing customization in a live time environment

Benefits from Your (Tailor) end

  1. No Need of chalk and measuring tap

  2. No Need to open up your brick and mortar shop always

  3. No Payment Worries

  4. Will Get reviews from customer end to uplift your business 

Fit4bond Business Solutions

Case 1

In the first case, if you have a tailoring store, you can integrate our Online Tailoring Software to drive more sales.

Case 2

In the Second case, If you have a tailoring store and want to widen your tailoring business, making your store a central hub. In detail, you can join various popular tailor stores from multi countries under your store (central hub). We provide software with multi-data management in a single admin panel to look after all your sub hub.

Our Services are

  1. Online Tailoring Software &tool

  2. Clothing Design Software & Tool 

  3. Custom Tailoring Software & Tool

  4. Fashion Design Software & Tool

  5. Banner Design Software & Tool

  6. Thobe Customization Software & Tool

  7. Printed Shirt Design Software & Tool

  8. Shoe Design Software & Tool

  9. Shirt Design Software & Tool

  10. Jacket Design Software & Tool

  11. Hoodies Customization Software & tool

  12. 3D Shirt Customization Software & tool

  13. 3D Suit Customization Software & tool

  14. 3D Blazer Customization Software & Tool

Stand Out Unique From Your business Competitor by Upgrading  Yourself with custom Clothing Software. 

Try Out Fit4bond


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