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Fit4bond V2.0 - The Game Changer in Tailoring Industry: Everything You Need to Know

Fit4bond V2.0 - The Game Changer in Tailoring Industry: Everything You Need to Know


There has been an enormous growth of customization in every industry, and the trend set has also lies in the Tailoring and clothing industry.

Today’s customers are very smarter and are expecting an easy instant tailoring solution. Hence it is being a little bit tough for the tailors to catch up with their customer’s expectations. This is why Custom Tailoring Software came into the frame.

If you never want to miss your customers and sales at your Online Tailor Store, then it is mandatory to get a Custom tailoring website or Custom Tailoring Software to integrate into your existing tailoring website. Can you get my point?

Without beating around the bush, there may be many Custom Tailoring Software Solution providers. But if you have thought of providing your customers a loyal experience, High-end features, and functionalities, then try out Fit4bond.

Fit4bond, the Custom Tailoring Software Development Company has come with a new gloss as Fit4bond 2.o

Fit4bond 2.0

Fit4bond turned up with a spellbinding designing interface that will set a new trend for the Custom Tailoring business. There is no doubt that the updated Fit4bond 2.0 gets an all-around tailoring business attentions which includes Blazer, Suits, Thobe, Abaya, Kurti, Tuxedo, Hoodie and so on towards its lateral

what's New in Fit4bond 2.0 Custom Tailoring Software Solutions & Services

  1. Women Clothing Software Solutions(Exclusive)

  2. Advanced Custom Tailoring Software

  3. Product Specific Tailoring, Designing and Customization Software

  4. Upgraded UI/UX in all software Solutions

  5. Flexible for easy Search Engine Optimization  

  6. Bugs are Identified and Fixed in all tailoring software solutions.

  7. Guaranteed Global Exposure

  8. Unlimited Fabric Support in all tailoring software.

  9. Streamlined Revenue Models

  10. Enhanced user-centric features

About Fit4bond

We Fit4bond-The exceptionally acknowledged Custom Tailoring Software Development Company, gladly giving Avant grade various Tailoring software, since 2011. We have been giving rise to startups, services, and enterprises and turning each business to a profitable solution through our robust features and functionalities.
“We would prefer not to be an elitist brand, we always offer something that everybody can have”

Our Online Custom Tailoring Software enables entrepreneurs, fashion designers, custom clothing business owners, retail businesses, and tailoring stores to start their tailoring business online. This Online Tailoring Software offers an easy to use tool and Software to design and customize your customer's suits and shirts.

Services We Provide

1. Online Shirt Customization Software

Stay ahead of the competitive tailoring business using our 3D shirt customization tool. This software allows your customer to design their shirts themselves with excitement. The Shirt Customization software is developed with advanced technologies and unique customization feature to satisfy our customers.

2. Online Suit Customization Software

If you are looking out to grab more revenue growth in the Tailoring business, then speed up your business with our 3D Suit Customization Tool as it is 100% made to measure. We have launched an astonishing Suit customization software, with countless different combinations, which make your customer satisfied.

3. Online Tuxedo Customization Software

Thrive your online store with highly advanced Tuxedo Customization Software. We are providing tuxedo design tool with cutting edge technology. Hurry up to offer your tuxedo lovers the finest experience through a well-finished tuxedo with high-end fabrics at an affordable price. Get assured success.

4. Online Jacket Customization Software

Integrate our Online Jacket Customization Software into your tailoring website, which allows your customers to customize their tuxedo in a real-time experience. Get more possibility of reaching out to your targeted audience all around the world with high-end features like online measurement, mix, and match technologies.

5. Abaya Customization Software

Master your customer's expectations in this tech-driven clothing industry by creating your online tailoring business perfect with Abaya Customization Software. We always develop and design software with a forecast of facilitating your customers in selecting a wide range of colors, fabric, and style.

Why Custom Tailoring Software

The Fascination towards clothing among individuals won't get diminished, and the demand for redid clothes among the crowd is likewise expanding step by step. Consequently, the vast majority of the clothing and tailoring store owners are searching for an alternative to fulfill their end-users with customized apparel. Here, came Custom Tailoring Software, offering customization with an easement of options, and 3D Visualizations, it will let your customer make it and shape it.

Premium Features of Our Custom Tailoring Software

Responsive Tailoring Website Template

Providing a complete responsive web-page layout to be a tranquil viewing and navigation over a wide range of gadgets including smartphones, desktop, and tablet concerning your business model.

Fabric choice and style selection

Enable your customers to select various fabrics like Corduroy, Tweed, Wool, Cotton, Merino Wool, Velvet, and many more. Also, offering customizes details like collar style & color, Button & thread color, cuffs style & color, vent style, pocket, and so on.


Fulfill your customer requirements with flexible personalization options like text & number or personalized image to their choice, through elegant clickable options like rotating, dragging, and flipping of text & picture.

Multifaceted preview

Let your customers as well as yourself, save precious time and eliminates redundant design work by visualizing the final product in all the possible angles with 3D Zoom in and Zoom out option, before purchasing.


No more pen or paper, your customer can easily take down their physical measurements with a perfect size chart. Those measurements will be securely backed up in the cloud and syncs with multiple devices.

Tailor Management and Admin Console

It is important to have a strong admin console to monitor your business.we providing easy access to customer's order details, clothing design, and measurements. You will also receive a summary of your customer's product name, price, quantity, taxes, payment gateway, and inventory, etc. 

How the Custom Tailoring Software Works


Your customer can sign up through Gmail, or any social media account and they will receive your storefront URL to access your product.

Select fabric

Our User-friendly interface allows your customer to select the desired product like a shirt, suit, blazer, tuxedo, etc from your storefront. After that, they select available fabric designs.

Customize Design

Your customer will have endless customization options including lapels, pockets, buttons, collar, cuffs, linings, and so on with 3D Visualization.


You will be providing your customers a size chart or demo video for every product in your storefront and make them measure by their own with your guidance.

Payment Gateway

Once everything is done, your customer adds clothes into the cart and they step into payment option. The payment gateway will be integrated into your web platform so that you receive the payment.

Sell it

Finally, after payment, your customer will come to know the delivery date. Since you have the shipping company API integrated into your website you can deliver it with the help of the shipping company.

Admin features

  • Inventory Management

  • Customer Portal

  • Email & SMS Support

  • Sales Support

User Features

  • Shipment tracking

  • Email & SMS Support

  • Gift- card

  • Loyal points

Security Features

  • User Authentication

  • Information Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Payment Gateway

Our Services are

Approach us to know more about Tailoring Industry Secrets!


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