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Features and Benefits of Wordpress Plugin in Tailoring and Clothing Business Website.

Features and Benefits of Wordpress Plugin in Tailoring and Clothing Business Website.

Are You Looking for the best WordPress plugin for your Clothing and Tailoring business?

Before that, shall we go for the overview of what is WordPress and why is WordPress plugin needed for your business website?


Wordpress has been around from 2003 and, until now it is the most popular software on the market. We can also say that WordPress powers over a quarter of the world website due to its features, functions, and choice of site-building that make it ideal for building business websites of all kinds. It is an open-source and complete set of free and open-source code files.

A self-facilitated WordPress site is totally under the site proprietor's control. This WordPress makes it possible to set up and run website using WordPress plugin which is completely mobile friendly and can also access on any kind of screen with user-friendly.

Benefits of Wordpress :

1. Cost-Effective.

2. Responsive web design

3. Social Media Integration

4. Versatile and Scalable

5. User-friendly

Wordpress Plugin

Actually, WordPress plugin is a piece of software that allows you to add extra new features and functionalities to your site. Simply it is like what apps do for your smart-phone.

Generally, there are lots of WordPress plugins available now for every kind of business. It all depends on the need of domain.

But in the current generation, customers are getting engaged in online shopping and customizing their own outfit. Because of this reason, Most of the tailoring owners want to start up their Online Tailoring Business.

And for those who already own their online tailoring business or Clothing Business, but now due to fashion evolution, if they instantly want to upgrade their online tailoring/Clothing business, this WordPress plugin will be the perfect solution.

Online tailoring Plugin:

Online custom Tailoring Wordpress plugin is enriched with Outstanding features including unlimited customizes, online design, and submission, email notifications, measurement submission for every order and a lot more.

Using this Plugin user can easily customize their collar style, cuff, pocket, placket, buttons, and even threads.

Online Custom Clothing Plugin:

Users can easily select fabrics, colors, styles like the front, back, bottom and can also enjoy free monogram as they wish with high quality. This Online Custom Clothing Software Plugin for Wordpress is a responsive plugin packed with exclusive functionality that provides customers a great experience with high-quality outcome.

Online Product Customization Plugin:

This Product Customization Software enables customers to easily customize their products with various options like color management, shape, style, size, graphics work, and much more until they get a complete well-finished product.

With this Plugin, Users can save their precious time and eliminates redundant design work.

Web to Print Designer Plugin:

Web to print designer plugin is the powerful tool With customizable products collection. Here users will get a wide range of flexible custom options like clipart, Google font, color, style, and so on. The user also adds text & number or personalized image.

Users will get a perfect output through elegant clickable options like rotating, dragging, and flipping of text & picture.

Features of Fit4bond Wordpress Plugin:

1. Fully Responsive

2. Online Suits, Tuxedo, shirts and Product Customization.

3. Fabrics Customization

4. Customers measure management

5. Secure & Powerful Admin Panel

6. Order Management

7. Tailor and Clothing Service Management

8. Payment Gateway

9. Responsive Front-end

10. Detailed Analytic Report.

Why Fit4bond:

Fit4bond provides the best WordPress plugin with high immense features like selecting the fabric style, design, color pattern, buttons, etc in the form of a Wordpress plugin. Tailoring owners can design their website according to each of customer needs. With the help of a virtual fitting room, customers can take their accurate measurement in online.

This Wordpress plugin for your Apparel business from Fit4bond is built with advanced technology available today and offer an extremely flexible way to customize any kind of product online from your browser.

Get More Feature-Rich WordPress plugin at Fit4bond to grow up your online tailoring business.

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