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How to design product images for your fashion ecommerce store ?

How to design product images for your fashion ecommerce store ?

Even though you’ve given every single word on your new website, it can be an uphill struggle to get people to stick around with that word. To grab attention your new business website, you have to keep it interesting, relevant and real photographical representation.Various research have proven that one way to achieve this is to use photography.

In the case of fashion ( clothing, footwear, jewels etc ) online business success, depends on its website products. Listing the bulky products are easy task now. But caring about product images can stand out your website that almost induct the audience to get purchase decision.

Adding product images is not proper way of building & marketing website. Here are the main reasons why “real” photos are proven to generate more interest in your new business.


1) Authentical images


Take one business model. prefer staged shots & real shots of that model. It’s depends upon what business you are running so longer. Your business needs to feel authentic and too much polish isn’t usually a good thing.


2) Represents truly your brand images


Over trillion images are uploaded every day, so it’s highly unlikely that your competitor will pick the same one. So try to design watermark on your product images.


3) Photo-Realistic 3D images


This is trendy one & mass marketing idea. Every loves 3D view for products. 3D image presentation is being touch with your audience even they can easily interact more. They feel immerse about the products. It increases website product conversion ratio. Fit4bondTM takes you to add photo-realistic 3D images on website.


4) High quality images


The standard of images for one product has improved your product conversion rate on websites.



Take consultation to design attractive product images and its product customization



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