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Product customization really works for online clothing business success !

Product customization really works for online clothing business success !

Whenever a new technology arrives to develop online clothing business, it targets either business-targeted or customer targeted, but it always targeting userend shopping experience on online store.

First of all, as an online clothing store owner you should ask yourself “Does it add more value to your online clothing store and how it will be” ? And mainly you should ask what are the real benefits of product customization before making the decision to add product customization features.


How does product customization actually increase sales?


"Building True Fans -
     Let your customers be your brand gossiper“


The million dollar question is “How do build true fans?” by making part of fit4bond process to develop online clothing store. Enabling customers to take part in your process makes huge impact.

On the other hand, you can increase brand awareness and sales without spending money on campaigns by building true brand fans.

Customers who design the product on their own are more likely to share it on social networks. A recent study revealed that top executives from 1600 brands worry that 67% of their existing clients are becoming less loyal to their brands.

How to fix this issue ?

Don't worry! Product customization bridges these gaps by making a long lasting impressing in customer’s mind by delivering something unique to them.

Consumers who once experience customized products are more likely be loyal to brand and brands who deployed product customization properly are seeing 50% increase in their customer loyalty.

How product customization act as a major measurable tool to find customers needs exactly & easily?


"Most of us won’t be ready to share a normal shirt or product but we won't hesitate if it really designed or customized by us.”

Product customization acts as a measurable tool to find customers needs easily. By adding this module to your online clothing store, you can easily find the customers expectations by the way they designing with your products. Once you collect some solid data, analysts can easily find a pattern with customer behaviors.

For example :

Brands like Adidas have used customization to get direct insights from customers. Which helped them to understand more than regular surveys and directed them to concentrate more on things which really matters to end user.

Product Customizations act as a feedback loop for the online clothing business to know customers pulse & stay ahead in the competitive online market place.

Wanna add product customization in your online clothing businesss ?



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