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3D Body Scanner & Measurement App Development Company

3D Body Scanner & Measurement App Development Company

In the past few years, 3-D body scanning has evolved from bulky machines to something that can be done on an app. With a few finger swipes, consumers can now have access to accurate body measurements without having to visit a store to get scanned.

Companies, like 3D Look and Nettelo, are providing consumers with the power to virtually calculate body measurements with their advanced mobile 3-D body scanning apps.

From algorithms to AI, here’s how these companies are enabling consumers to find the right fits.

Technologies behind 3D Body Scanner & Measurement

* Computer Vision

We use computer vision to analyze the photo from which we acquire and process the human body.
Our advanced computer vision algorithms allows us to detect the human body on photos that were taken with any smartphone on any background.

* Machine Learning

We use neural networks to detect and determine keypoints and produce a set of probability maps for each keypoint.We train our neural networks with fully measured human body images with pre-arranged keypoints.

* Virtual Reality with 3D Matching

We use statistical modeling and 3D geometry algorithms to build a 3D model of the human body, based on the detected key points.It allows us to accurately obtain the human body measurements.

How fit4bond involved in 3D body scanner & measurement app development :

Fit4bond 3D body measurement app gives professionals that ability to perform a full body scan, Preview 3D models, exact measurements, track changes in body shape, and much more.

It allows customers to enters details about the measurement. Once customers enter the measurement, automatically it finds detailed landmark on the body in avartar model. At the time we provide the app by request.

Features of Fit4bond 3D body Scanner & measurement app :

* Scan within a second
* Point to Point Measurement
* Real time posture tracking in full 360degree angle
* Processing of perfect measurements
* Customers able to virtually try-on selected apparel design
* 3D avatar will be displayed to check the customers apparel fitting.

Solutions of Fit4bond 3D body scanner & measurement app :

* 3D Body scanners
* 3D Body design & measurement
* Consultancy
* Installation services
* Maintenance good & services
* Body Sizing information
* Specialized software to our targeted group of companies

For example : Automatically pattern is developed for MTM(Method to measurement) / bespoke market, Accurate Size matching and 3D virtual fitting room for the fashion retail market!

Want to launch your own 3D body measuring app with latest technology? Or do you want to take a free demo?

                             Take a free demo here!

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